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 What the event is about: 

The short video showdown (SVS) is truly the most difficult and intense film contest in the history of film competition!   The SVS is an annual Houston based film contest hosted by HFPC, where the very best speed film producers gather to see who is The Best in The West.  Teams will have only 6 hours to write, shoot, and edit a short video, with a minimum length of 7 minutes, and present it at the end of the night.  Local film professionals will judge and award the winner of the 2023 Short Video Showdown.

The winning team will receive a cash prize (to be announced at The 2023 Live SVS Pre-show & Mixer), The 2023 Short Video Showdown Championship Trophy, and Championship rings for all team members.


We even have awards for the best cinematographer (A.K.A The most valuable camera slinger), The Star Performer (best actor), and The Best Editor.



TEAM creative junkies



Lead by Molly Buffham.  Molly became the very first female team captain to win The Short Video Showdown.  And Team Creative Junkies became the very first team to sweep every single award at The SVS.  They are going to become one of the toughest speed filmmaking teams to ever compete!

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