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*Free motel room still available* 


You can sign up as an individual, and then we will place you on a film team the day of the contest or before the contest if you register far enough in advance.  If you sign up as an individual, you can also request to be placed on a team with a friend or friends on the sign up sheet.  You may also put whether you want to be crew or on-air talent for the team.

Or you can register a full Team, if you have your own equipment, crew, and talent.







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SvS-Wanted Shirts


Purchase your SVS-Wanted Shirt and let everyone know that you are brave enough to have accepted The Ultimate Film Challenge!  They are $29 including shipping and handling.  Click "Buy Now" button below

(shirts will be shipped to the buyer's physical address, please put an M,L, or XL next to the shipping address to indicate which size or sizes you want)





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